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The following items are offered for sale in Ben Lomond, CA. If you have any questions, please ask: Ask a question about any item

If you are interested in making an offer on the larger items below, just fill in the price and press Enter and I will consider it. If it is the highest offer received before we move, it will be yours.


Take Highway 9 to the north end of Ben Lomond. Turn on to Alba Road. Proceed uphill for 0.3 miles to number 10300 on your right. Take the next left onto Lorien Way (wooden sign on tree) and follow the long driveway through the gate to the house.

Note that many GPS units and online maps have the directions wrong and Lorien Way in the wrong place, so once it gets you to Alba road, use the directions and this map instead.

BMW Z3 Roadster

1997 BMW Z3 1.9 Roadster. 210,000 miles. 5 speed transmission. A joy to drive on highway 9. Heated leather seats. Good tires. Runs great but has a damaged fender from a recent parking lot incident. Complete repair estimate is $2050 from Ronnie's Auto Body in Scotts Valley. I am sure it can be fixed for less. The damage does not affect the driving of the car and it was driven from Arizona to here since the accident.


The BMW Z3 was James Bond's car in GoldenEye, the first non-British production car to feature in a Bond movie as the spy's primary mode of transport. It came fully equipped with "all the usual refinements" including a self-destruct system and stinger missiles located behind the headlights.

Seasoned Oak Firewood.

Approximately 1.5 half a cord of seasoned oak firewood. Some is split. Pick up in Ben Lomond.

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Baby Grand Piano

Compact "apartment size" baby grand piano. Looks and sounds great. Made by Winter. One owner. Rarely played.

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Gradient Golden 2
X-Alps Reversible Harness/Backpack

Size 26. DHV 1-2. 80-100kg. This has been a wonderful wing to fly. One owner. Crisp like new. Never flown at the coast. No accidents. Incredible performance in all conditions. Sup'Air X-Alps harness reverses to use as a backpack which holds the wing, helmet and flight deck. Compact for travel. Last flight was over 2 hours at Ed Levin this year.

With the Metamorfosi reserve, this is an extremely compact and light complete travel kit.

Buy it Now: $600.00

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Metamorfosi Conar 16 Reserve Parachute

Packs super small and light. FAST OPENING. Low Weight: the throw is easier and the lines unfold faster; the reduced inertia also helps the canopy to open quickly even at very low airspeeds. Pulled Down Apex: increases the lift coefficient to compensate the reduced surface and reduces the opening time. Packed in 2015 by Wally. Never thrown.

Buy it Now: $300.00

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More paragliding gear

Edel Flightsuit. Size M

Purple Flightsuit. Medium. Thicker and warmer than the others.

Blue Flightsuit. 5'9" 170# plus or minus

Critterwear Flight Deck. handy dashboard for all your instruments and extras

Back Protection. Fiberglass back protector with foam for Thin Red Line harness

Icaro Helmet. Complete with GoPro mount.

Charly Helmet. Complete with GoPro mount.

Hook Knife. Jack Safety Knife. Stainless steel blade.

I have a lot of other miscellaneous gear, hook knives, carabiners, Thermal Snooper, etc. If you are looking for something, let me know. Cheap or free.

California King Brass Bed

Beautiful and sexy brass bed with box spring and mattress. California King size. Perfect condition.

Rosewood Bedroom Set

Rosewood bedroom set comprising the headboard, man's upright chest, two bedside tables and a long 9 drawer dresser with two mirrors.

Glass Top Dining Table

Glass top dining table with chrome legs. 44" x 66".

Michael Leeds Fused Glass Sculpture or Window

World famous Santa Cruz artist Michael Leeds created this fused glass artwork called Moonlight Series Number 1 consisting of ten individual panes, which together make an 84 by 28 inch window.

We intended it for a house we were designing at the time but didn't build. Currently the "window" is mounted in a free standing solid wood armature with tunable RGB LED back lighting. The scene takes on a completely different atmosphere depending on the selected color of the back lighting.

The work can be used in an outside wall, as a room divider, or as a free standing sculpture the way we have it now.

More photos and information.

80 Byte Magazines spanning 1976 to 1984

1976 - Feb,Apr,Jun,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec
1977 - Jan,Feb,Apr,May,Aug,Sep
1978 - May,Dec
1979 - Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Nov,Dec
1980 - Jan,Feb(3),Mar,Apr(2),May(2),Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov(2),Dec
1981 - Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec
1982 - Feb,Mar,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec
1983 - Jan,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Dec
1984 - Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec
1981? SPECIAL ISSUE Guide to the IBM PCs
All are in very good condition.
I will autograph the ones with articles by me.

Macintosh SE

Macintosh SE Computer. Tested and working in 2016. Comes with large screen Mobius Radius Monitor and adapter board. Also external hard disk drive.

More Vintage Computer

Radius Mobius Monitor. Rare Radius Mobius 21 inch monitor for Macintosh SE with adapter board.

Macintosh SE. Macintosh SE with adapter board for Mobius monitor.

I have a lot of other miscellaneous memorabilia and computer accessories, etc. If you are looking for something, let me know. Cheap or free.

Harvard Classics Five Foot Shelf of Books

The Harvard Classics Five Foot Shelf of Books, originally known as Dr. Eliot's Five Foot Shelf, is a 51-volume anthology of classic works from world literature, compiled and edited by Harvard University president Charles W. Eliot and first published in 1909.


ETO Alpha 87A

Full legal limit (and more) in all modes automatic band switching amplifier. Memory tuning. Perfect condition. Full output. One owner. Purchased in 1993. Pick up in Ben Lomond. Reviews.


Yaesu FT1000D

200 watt transceiver. Adjustable power up to 200 watts. Five Direct Digital Synthesizers. QRM Rejection Systems. 100 Memories. Optimized Digital Communications Modes. Simultaneous Dual (Unlimited) Frequency Reception. Flexible Mode and IF Filter. Automatic Antenna Tuner with 39 memories. Special Features for CW Operation. Includes after market roofing filters. Reviews.


JDR Instruments 3500 Oscilloscope

JDR Instruments 35 MHz analog oscilloscope. In good condition. Dozens of new products were engineered with this scope over the past 20 years.

More Ham Radio and Electronics gear

Climbing belt. Tower climbing belt with 2 carabiners and bag.

Softrock SDR. Assembled but not tested.

Azimuth Radio Sphere. Cool 12 inch acrylic sphere with prefixes and CQWW zones.Photo

AN/URM-127 Signal Generator. Classic high precision sine wave signal generator. $350 on ebay.

2 meter J-Pole. Well constructed with mounting hardware.

2.4 GHz Yagi. 15 element high gain WiFi 2.4 GHz antenna with acrylic boom.

Heathkit Cantenna. 1 KW (or more for short bursts) 50 ohm dummy load.

CAT-5e. Several hundred feet, boxed, ethernet cable.

Weather balloon. Large helium balloon capable of lifting a 160 meter vertical.

Astron 35-M. 13.8V 35A Linear Power Supply.

Mast sections. 2 10 foot mast sections, 1 currently rigged as a gin pole with U-bolts and a pulley.

mast section. 1 10 foot aluminim thick wall mast section good for boom or heavy antenna.

Tripod. Tripod for roof mounting antennas.

Shipping Tubes. 14 foot by 4 inch heavy duty shipping tubes.

Screwdriver Mobile Antenna. High Sierra screwdriver mobile antenna.

Micronta Power Supply. Dual output 0-15V 1A.

Eagleware Software. RF Simulation and Schematic Capture. 1993 edition with hardware key.

Ham Books. 2 shelves of ham radio books.

I have many junk boxes full of wire, coax, components, ham accessories, test equipment and more. If you are looking for something, let me know. No reasonable offer refused. Many items for free if you take them away. Garage sale by appointment any day of the week.

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