Swan 350 Transceiver for sale

Vintage Swan 350 Transceiver complete with Swan 117-C Power Supply and Henry Radio DC-DC Mobile Power Supply and all connecting cables.

Swan 350 Transceiver sn C 110202...sold... [Find more vintage Swan Equipment for Sale on eBay]

Swan 117-C Power Supply sn M 197810...sold...

Henry Radio DC-DC Converter Model TP 400 sn 133072048 ...sold...

Appearance: Good condition for its age. Marks and scratches as might be expected. Close-ups available on request.

Power Supply: Working fine. It powered the transceiver for testing.

Receiver: I have tested the receiver and it is working very well. CW and SSB sensitivity is excellent and audio sounds great - better than my new radios. Crackling from dirty gain switches as would be expected.

Transmitter: Tested briefly. Transmitter puts out some power and tunes. Switches acted "dirty" as might be expected, so did not attempt to tune to full power. Did not test SSB as have no microphone. Rig should be cleaned and switches cleaned before ramping up to full power. Capacitors should be checked and may need reforming as is normal with vintage gear.

No microphone or manuals.

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