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Lake Temperature
Date Low High Mean 2020 Date Low High Mean 2020
June 1 15°C 21°C 16.9°C 17°C August 3 23°C 28°C 25.4°C 25°C
June 8 16°C 24°C 20.2°C 18°C August 10 22°C 27°C 24.5°C 25°C
June 15 18°C 26°C 21.6°C 20°C August 17 18°C 27°C 24.1°C 25°C
June 22 20°C 26°C 22.9°C 26°C August 24 20°C 26°C 22.8°C 26°C
June 29 20°C 27°C 23.4°C 24°C August 31 20°C 26°C 22.5°C 22°C
July 6 21°C 28°C 24.5°C 28°C September 7 19°C 24°C 21.5°C 20°C
July 13 22°C 28°C 25.3°C 27°C September 14 17°C 22°C 19.9°C 18°C
July 20 22°C 28°C 25.9°C 26°C September 21 16°C 22°C 19.1°C 16°C
July 27 22°C 28°C 25.2°C 27°C September 28 16°C 24°C 18.5°C 15°C

The location is south facing, in a large shallow bay, near the Burleigh Channel.
The water here tends to be 1 to 3 degrees warmer than in the middle of Upper Stoney.
Statistics from 2004 to 2019.

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