2001 temperatures

2001 Stony Lake

The faithful computer took a picture and logged the air temperature every hour for all of 2001. In July, a water temperature sensor was installed and tracked the lake temperature for the rest of the year.

The year started with a cold snap taking the temperature down to -24°C on January 2, and again on January 20th. The last frost occurred on April 29, when the temperature dropped to -2.5°C overnight. Amazingly, on May 3, only four days later, the mercury climbed to 28.5°C in the afternoon.

After a warm spring, the temperatures for the first week of July surprised us all. Even the lake temperature dropped in those weeks, showing only 15.5°C on July 8, when the electronic sensor was installed. Warm weather heated the lake for the next four weeks. The water reached its 2001 peak of 26.5°C on August 9 when the air temperature also recorded its high for the year at 33°C.

Last year, the lake froze over in early December. This year, the lake was almost completely free of ice until Christmas eve. Finally, on December 25, the ice formed and the temperature was recorded as 0.0°C.

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