Stony Lake  

The Stereogram Gallery

Stereograms are images which contain a hidden three dimensional scene. To view the three dimensional image, you must focus your eyes behind the monitor screen. Some people have a natural ability to do this easily. Others have to practice. With practice, almost everyone can do it. With a lot of practice, you can do it almost instantly.

Mountain Spring. A photo-realistic single image stereogram of spring in the mountains. There is no hidden image here. Focusing behind the scene renders the scene in three dimensions. It is like looking through a real window.
Monday Night Football. The crowd catches some action in the big game. This is one of the easiest hidden images to see.
Dolphin Pas de Deux. A perennial favorite subject for stereogram artists. Here, we see a pair of dolphins cavorting in the kelp of the Monterey Bay.

AB6WM 3D QSL Card. The ideal hidden antenna. This QSL card is available in printed form. All you have to do is work me in a contest and send me one of your cards.
Fairies dance in the grass. Be careful when you mow your lawn. Hidden in the grass you will find the strangest things. Of course, you have to believe in fairies if you expect to be able to see them.
Ham Shack. Hams will be particularly interested in the hidden image in this conventional SIRDS (Single Image Random Dot Stereogram).
Night view of earth from space. This is a very small GIF file because it is so simple. If you look carefully, you will see the earth as a sphere floating in space.

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