KiwiSDR Receiver Propagation Maps

Propagation Map for CHU

A web based directory of KiwiSDR receivers currently online sorted by propagation forecasts for the transmitting station. 2017 project.

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KiwiSDR IBP Extension

KiwiSDR Waterfall

An extension for the KiwiSDR receiver for plotting waterfall spectrum analyses of the International Beacon Project beacons.

Additional features for saving waterfall images based on preset intervals for longer scale propagation and noise analysis.

The open source code is available on GitHub. November 2017.

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VE3SUN DX Monitor

VE3SUN DX Monitor

In 1989, I began a project to collect and display DX spots retrieved by packet radio from a DX Cluster in Northern California.

In 1993, this project evolved into DX Monitor and was offered as freeware. Since then, the program has been continually improved and expanded. It is now used by tens of thousands of hams in over 150 countries.

DX Monitor is a Windows application.


Stony Lake Cottagecam


In 1997, I installed a camera at our cottage on Stony Lake and created a web page called the Cottagecam.

In the summer, there are now 5 cameras put up by various neighbours showing what the lake looks like to those not lucky enough to be here.

Weather forecasts and lake temperatures are also shown on the Cottagecam Page.

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Microchess for the Kim-1


Microchess for the Kim-1 was the first game program sold for home computers. After six months of development, the first copy was shipped on December 18, 1976.

In preparation for the 2002 Vintage Computer Festival, I powered up the same Kim-1 used to write the original program and loaded Microchess into memory.

The program and data required all of the Kim-1's memory - 1K. How things have changed since then!

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VisiCalc and Personal Software


On April 8, 2003, Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, and Mitch Kapor gathered with Charles Simonyi to speak about the Origins and Impact of VisiCalc.

This got me thinking about those early days and my own first encounters with the program in 1978.

I was lucky to be able to use VisiCalc for several months before it was introduced to the market. There were even a few bytes of my code in the original Apple ][ version.

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