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Indian Harbour, Labrador - September 17, 2005

When you think of Indian Harbour, can‘t you still hear Mike Earle singing?

Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor

Now, 'twas twenty-five or thirty years since Jack first saw the light,
He came into this world of woe one dark and stormy night;
He was born on board his father's ship as she was lying to,
'Bout twenty-five of thirty miles southeast of Bacalieu.

Jack was every inch a sailor,
Five and twenty years a whaler;
Jack was every inch a sailor,
He was born upon the bright blue sea.

When Jack grew up to be a man he went to Labrador,
He fished in Indian Harbour where his father fished before;
On his returning in the fog he met a heavy gale,
And Jack was swept into the sea and swallowed by a whale.


The whale went straight for Baffin Bay, 'bout ninety knots an hour,
And every time he'd blow a spray he'd send it in a shower,
Oh, now, says Jack unto himself, I'll see what he's about,
He got the whale all by the tail and turned him inside out.


Relaxing on the softest bed imaginable

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