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Monumental Island, Nunavut - September 11, 2005

Monumental Island fog
Fog enshrouds the island as we set off to explore

Royal Blue Ice
Glacier Ice

Polar bears move as if the country had belonged to them always.

- John Muir, 1899 First Sighting of a Polar Bear

When a single bear finds a good seal-hunting ground, ten or fifteen other bears are likely to show up at the same place within half a day or so. Scientists don't have an explanation for how bears get wind of these things. Odour likely plays a role, but bears come in from all directions and some from very far away. They just get to a place where something is happening, and they get there quickly.

Thor Larsen - World of the Polar Bear

Walrus and Calf
Walrus and young calf warily watch our Zodiac approach Monumental Island

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