GoPro Camera

Peter Jennings

AB6WM - West Coast

Kayaking the Lost Channel

With the GoPro HD Hero attached to the bow of the kayak, I paddled leisurely through the Lost Channel. Time compressed by a factor of 10. Originally captured as still images shot once every 1.5 seconds.

Paragliding Mission Peak

The GoPro Helmet camera goes for a flight with me at Mission Peak in Fremont, California. Transcoded from mp4 to avi using ffmpeg and edited using Sony Vegas HD. Looks like I haven't got the settings quite right yet, resulting in black bars at the top and bottom.

Snow in California?

It did! It snowed here for the third time since we have been here. Three times in 22 years. But it didn't last long. Another chance to experiment with my time-lapse setup.

San Lorenzo Valley Time-Lapse

My first attempt at a time-lapse video. The camera was attached to the windshield with the suction mount. Shots were taken at 2 second intervals. The resulting set of images was combined into an AVI at 5 frames per second using PhotoLapse and then into a Zune compatible file using Windows Live Movie Maker.

The result is a trip from Felton to Ben Lomond in 48 seconds. Ten times faster than normal speed.