GoPro Camera Tips

Peter Jennings

AB6WM - West Coast

Application Notes for the Controller

Notes on Hacking the Controller Card. The time lapse controller card can also be used to trigger various models of GoPro cameras in other ways. A collection of hacks and application notes have been gathered into this interesting document for any hacker who also has a GoPro camera.

GoPro HD Hero Reference Card

GoPro HD Hero Reference Card

Nuts to the GoPro Mounts

GoPro Hero HD

Tired of searching for one of the few acorn nuts provided by GoPro every time I wanted to change mounts, I went in search of a replacement and found these in the local hardware store.

The Hillman Group 4045-C M5-0.80 Stainless Hex Nut is a perfect fit for the mounts. It wedges into the space so tightly that it will never fall out. Now all my mounts have nuts in place and all I have to do is move the screw with the camera.

Using the Camera without the Housing

GoPro Hero HD

A simple way to use the camera without the housing is to use an adjustable bar clamp such as the one pictured on the left.

These are available in hardware stores and discount stores. If you are lucky you will find one in a Dollar Store or Pound Shop.

A hole is drilled through the shaft so that it can be held in the standard GoPro mount.

This particular one has a quick release for easy removal of the camera and a hand grip for solid tightening.

Power from Behind

GoPro Hero HD

The GoPro camera HD Hero USB connector is inconveniently located on the side. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to power the camera externally and use the housing at the same time. There is insufficient room for any USB connector between the camera and the housing.

Fortunately, the USB power connections are duplicated on the connector at the back of the HD Hero. Some resourceful folks on the GoPro User Forum have documented the interface for this connection and done some testing.

How to wire a power cable to the connector on the back of the GoPro HD Hero Camera

GoPro HD Camera Controller

GoPro Hero HD

The GoPro HD Hero is a great camera with lots of features, but I found I wanted more control.

A low power microprocessor gave me the control I needed. It will power the camera down between shots in order to conserve battery life for long time-lapse sequences.

Instructions for building a Camera Controller

Luggage Locator

The same controller can be interfaced with low cost wireless remotes, such as the luggage locator pictured, to add remote control capability to the camera.

Instructions for interfacing a wireless remote control